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Kitty breathed heavily, let out a hmph and sat back down. After that, Karen unlocked her phone and gave it to her. "Here, delete the video yourself."


Her instincts told her that there was a much deeper meaning behind inviting her personally to join as a participant. Zhi Hei smiled, "You're sharper than I expected. This year, our company settled on inviting several powerful and well known people in the design industry to be the judges. One of the judges said that the only way he would accept our invitation is if you, Yin Susu, agree to join the event."


"What? Phew, I thought you guys meant... oh nevermind... sigh... so now... what else does this grandma not know yet? Spill the beans before my hips can bear no more cracks from suddenly jumping out of my seat." She drank a few sips of tea to calm her unsettling heart.


Sitting next to Susu was a huge disadvantage for Karen because their tastes in clothing were extremely different. While Susu enjoyed the simple styles, Karen loved the overly exaggerated outfits. Just like today, her outfit was a sleeveless dress with the collar similar to a traditional Qipao and the rest of the dress designed with many shapes and patterns.


"Mmm? What did you say? I didn't hear you~" She chuckled mischievously after uncovering his mouth. She could've guessed his exact words, but wanted to hear him repeat them over and over. These were some of the most precious words someone has ever said to her and even if he says it to her every day, she would never get tired of it.


She awkwardly stood there with her lips twitching, "How could you people be so rude? It was just a simple greeting." Her loud voice alarmed many other people who were getting their models ready for the event.

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After successfully getting into this hospital with the distant relative's daughter's help, they changed some records on Kitty's file so that nobody would be able to find out that she got the job without getting interviewed.


She patted his shoulder and brushed some air off his shoulders, "Here, I'll lift some weight off your shoulders for you! Hehehe." Facing her, he didn't know if he should be glad or happy at how she is reacting. There he is, all grumpy and dissatisfied with thousands of words coming out of his mouth and she's laughing like he was a comedian.


"Ahahahaha, long time no see, Ariana. Can't believe you're still this fierce. Didn't I give you the advice to quit being as fierce as a tiger when you two got married? I gave you the most memorable wedding gift." The man took out a hand mirror and fixed his fringe.


"Smart. Thanks to your valuable information, I have captured Li Teng and made him pay for his deeds. As for Tian Guo Min, he is also being held captive and will be facing his doom soon. The assassin is on the run, but my guards should catch him eventually. While I was dealing with Li Teng, he mentioned a chip that a group of people were searching for. Perhaps you may be able to answer some questions that I have."


Professor Luo Xia stood silently as he listened to how Susu's life had been since young. Every tear that dripped down her face made his heart turn sour and a bitter taste spread to his mouth. It was also his fault for not coming for her sooner. Even though they had enemies out there, no reason is good enough to cover their mistakes.


"Stop for a second," Chen Mu walked in with a gloomy expression as he walked towards Kitty. Ariana lifted her foot and Kitty sighed in relief that at least one person understood her situation. When he bent down and reached for her wrist, she thought that he came over to help her. She was about to thank him, but was interrupted by the immense pain in her wrist.


He shook his head and smiled, "nothing. I was just mumbling to myself. I said with such great talent; it is difficult for anyone to imitate your work. I recognized your unique style and am extremely proud to see your unlimited potential in the future. I have an appointment to attend to, so I will meet you perhaps next time."



"Oh dear, look at you. You're working so hard for our family, yet somebody's flesh and blood only knew how to cause us trouble." She glared at Yin Zin Leung's direction as he blocked his face using a newspaper with red marks all over. He has been trying to look for a job to support the family for nearly a month, but received no responses.



"What does laughing have to do with you being correct? I was laughing earlier because of how you still used Karen's birthday to remind yourself of the month of my birthday. You even thought that we had our birthdays on the 2nd of two separate months. Isn't it hilarious? Now that the joke is over, you can grab your trash and leave."


"I have a way to save her fingers. It would take time for her fingers to recover and a lot of effort. At the end, it would depend on how well her body adapts to the surgery, but you guys must follow my orders and take care of her exactly the way I instruct you to."


"He... died from cancer. I'm very sorry." His words dug a hole through her heart. After many years of not seeing her family, she finally got to hear about them. She felt astonished by the news of her late husband, and her legs gave out on the spot.

  • Kitty clocked back into the system right on time for her shift and showed a pretentious smile to her coworkers. She heard familiar footsteps approaching from down the hallway and quickly adjusted her hair and reapplied her lipstick.
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